Blog-tember Challenge-Stress Relief

Day 16 (Yeah so I am behind, but I am just choosing the ones I like): How do you de-stress/take care of yourself?

Anyone who knows me knows I am not so great when I get stressed. Being an introvert while also working as a middle schooler teacher 50 hours a week creates its challenges. Luckily, I know quite a bit about myself and how to combat this craziness.

  1. Yoga. I try to do yoga at least 5 times a week. Even if it is just a few stretches here and there. I love Esther Ekhart and mostly do her free videos at home. Yoga is a full mind-body experience. It’s one of the only ways I can focus my mind on one thing fully while also getting in a good workout! I bought a package at a yoga studio near my home last spring so I enjoyed a variety of classes that way. I’d like to try aerial yoga there one of these days.
  2. Exercise. I hate exercising. But my body loves it so I must obey. My functional medicine dr. ordered both a full body lifting routine 2x a week and an interval training routine 2x/ week. Due to time constraints, I try to get in one of each per week. I always feel so much better and sleep a ton better the night of my workouts!
  3. Sitting/ walking outside. I try to get outside every day. Even if just for a few minutes. I combine this with my workouts and time with friends (walking, usually.) Nature is one of my biggest soothers.
  4. Time with family and friends. I like my alone time but…a little too much. Sometimes it backfires on me when my thoughts go haywire and I end up more stressed out. So I try to have a good talk or laugh with my hubby or a friend every day. And it needs to be about something besides our jobs!
  5. Reading the Psalms. They aren’t as life-giving as they once were but I find the Psalms speak to any emotion I might be feeling at the time. I try to read one per day.
  6. Following a night time routine/creating peace before bed. I have to wind down almost an hour before bed so I usually start doing this around 7:30. First I lower or turn off most lights. I might light candles in my bedroom or around the house. Then I take a hot shower which almost always relaxes me. Afterwards, I set my Pandora One station to “Yiruma” (one of my fav pianists). I set the sleep timer for an hour and read (has to be light reading).Finally, Nathan and I try to pray together before sleep. (We haven’t been as good about it lately, but I usually sleep better when we do.) One rule we have is no deep talks before bed on weeknights!
  7. Massage. I wish I could do this more but I try to get in 1 every 2 months or so (due to cost.) For a cheaper version I roll on some tennis balls or if I’m lucky get my husband or a friend to rub my back.

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