Blog-tember Challenge Day 1: Introduction

I have been really wanting to write and this seemed like a good way to have accountability and actually do it. I found this idea on my cousin Becca’s site which she found on the BraveLoveBlog site. So I guess I am joining the fun and hope to meet some great people along the way.

Every day for the month of September there will be a prompt. (If you want to join, take a look at the BraveLove site which has all the details. ) So today’s prompt is Introduce yourself however you like! Pics, vlog, collage, your choice 🙂

Brittany Rebecca Bettger,

Sensitive, Articulate, Compassionate, Analytical,

Wife of Nathan,

Sister of Nathan, Greg and Timothy,  

Lover of words, languages, culture, birds, clouds, travel, books, health and music,

Who feels sadness for the state of the world, hope for my future, and frustrated when my expectations get too high

Who needs affection, affirmation, and confidence 

Who gives encouragement, good food and hugs 

Who fears what people think, my own power, and roller coasters 

Who would like to see me be free from the bondage of perfectionism, my students rise above their circumstances, and the world to know the truth 

Resident of Prior Lake, Minnesota





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