My Beautiful Life


Me with my beautiful roomies Ambrosia, Julia and Megan.


Battle Creek Park, St. Paul


Labor Day Bike Ride along the Mississippi


I love fall!

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God has really been showing me his beauty, teaching me how to lean on and trust him in everything. I have experienced many wonderful gifts these past few months. Here are just a few snapshots of my life…


Here’s the house I have lived in since March. I am blessed to have such amazing women to live with and a home so close to the city of St. Paul and work!


Beautiful Bethel campus


A visit to my Alma Mater for Homecoming, what sweet memories!


Not the best pic, but I got to see the Piano Guys Live at the U of M! It was so amazing!

photo 3

Always making memories in Eau Claire, WI! I love going to visit my parents out in the country. We all love their new home. It is a definitely a refreshing “getaway” for me.


We happened upon a very large candy and puzzle store in Jordan, MN!


There were puzzles on shelves up and down the aisles and on the ceilings! It was crazy and neat!


I have really been enjoying teaching this year. Here are some pics of my classroom decorated for my favorite Latin American Holiday, Day of the Dead 🙂


A great way to relieve stress after work...watching some amazing geese at one of my favorite parks.

A great way to relieve stress after work…watching some amazing geese at one of my favorite parks.

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Beautiful Wisconsin


Of course, I always make time to try out new recipes. Here is a salad of roasted beets, fennel and carrots.


My beautiful mom in Eau Claire. I am so grateful to have my parents living so closeby 🙂

photo 1

Eau Claire sunset


One comment

  1. Shari · October 23, 2014

    Love you Britt! Thanks for inviting me into your life, via your blogs! You are a precious niece, with a gift for writing. Love, Aunt Shari

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