the tall majesties that cover my path

they hover together

creating an intimate fantasy

their canopy beckons me

how many branches and leaves and heights

does it take to create darkness

peace and rest from the sun’s piercing rays?

I enter their loving embrace

grateful to be alive just to experience this

beauty their alluring grace

riding on my bicycle the wind ripples

through the leaves

and peace envelops me

I feel so small in a world so in control

so in charge

their presence is so commanding

yet so endearing, still, inviting

I do not feel threatened by their authority

Instead I want to rest

my wheels are turning slowly now

just to hold on

I never want to let go of a spectacular moment

like this

I exit the canopy to see and feel the

sun’s warmth

I received the luscious drink of cool shade

Now to be comforted again with the warming rays

Nature works together to help us

To soothe us

We who are so underserving

Will we continue ignoring these

precious gifts?

Drink them in and don’t forget

To offer back the treasures you have received.


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