Suffer Ye not the Children

Stripping off clothes

They enter my classroom

Trudging and twirling and yapping from the gym

I’m hot!

I need a drink!

I’m going to throw up…

Okay, Go sit by the garbage can.

My head hurts.

Okay, go put your head down on your table.

Can I have BandAide?

As they protrude a little bloodless finger in my face

I can barely make out a thin red line.

No. You’re fine.

I have to go to the bathroom!

Too late. Sit down.

Pouty and tearful they give me a vicious glare

Which I take in stride.

Tap tap tap on my back side.

Little lips are muttering

Little fake tears are trying so desperately to wince out of half shut eyes

Can I go to the nurse? It hurts right here

I’m sorry to hear that but just try your best

and let me know how you feel in five minutes

My theory is right: They forget.

They succumb to the song and the laughter

And once again

The world is working properly

In their little minds

They stopped thinking about themselves for once


One comment

  1. Lynn · April 18, 2013

    I’m so glad you’re still at it Brittany…it won’t be long now! I can tell you must be a teacher : )

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