Day one of PAD (Poem a Day) Challenge

I am going to do my best to participate in the PAD (Poem A Day) challenge. If you want to join, here’s the link

The website gives you a prompt each day which I find kind of helpful.

I have always enjoyed poetry. I have written it ever since I can remember; it’s sometimes how I breathe. Poetry is definitely how I live my life; I guess I should write them more. And since I’ve been reading L.M. Montgomery, I have been even more inspired… So here goes: Day 1. (theme is “arrival”)

Numb she sat in a trance
The doctor’s words were distant
But the young woman was not there
Her head was clogged
But worse was her brain
“medication…for the sinus infection”
“then we will get you up to
Station 77”

Receptionist behind the glass had a nice smile
Smiled at her
“We will need to look through all your things.”
She watched as her boyfriend’s bright red
sweatshirt was confiscated
The string drawn out
The girl felt guilty for ruining his sweatshirt
Journal, please don’t take it, she thought
It’s my life. But I know is has metal in it.
She was given a plain composition book

A worker led the girl to her room
Her pants were falling off because they took
away her belt
When will I wake up?
When will I go back to work?
Maybe never, I can just get away.
She saw a girl around her age blowdrying
her hair sitting on the floor
A makeup bag near by
in full view of the workers
A man with some scruff walked very peacefully
Slower than a sloth
His eyes reminded the girl of how she felt inside
Hollow but with a remnant of hope, peace

She heard kicking and screaming
Coming from behind some glass
Off to the left
“That’s where they go before they come here.”
A resident told her later.
The young woman made it to her “room.”
“This is your roommate, Alicia.”
Alicia had graduated from the other hallway.

Alicia sat crosslegged on her bed
The new girl clutched her bag.

Her connection to the real world.
Sat on the white hard hospital bed.
A little light was on next to the bed
Seeping out into the growing dark.
A light to open a heart.
A new home.
For a while.
A place to heal.
She had arrived.



  1. soldierspoem11b · April 4, 2013

    Really Beautiful writing

  2. Lynn · April 9, 2013

    I felt like I caught my breath at the end of your poem, I became caught up in the story…good job! I hope we’ll see more. (I’m from writers group : ) )

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