She is the someone I thought I knew

But now I am wondering is it true

Where do I look to find her again

to Him, to her, to You?

Have I ever found her

The one I’ve always longed to truly love

Or is her soul too far below, above?

My outstretched fingers

I push and I shove

Trying to force myself to know her

Her, my own soul

The beautiful one I always thrust lower

Because the ugly lies sprout and multiply

And I wonder will we ever meet?

Maybe one day when we die.

I get glimspes of the soul

That is separate from body

And death and things we’ll one day never see again

The reality of Spirit and wholeness

and Life sometimes wraps me up


My soul in His hands

Is sitting there so secure

The woman who I truly am

The one He knows

And I tear up…will I know her?

I love her almost as much as I love

my Jesus,

My Lord, the One who

Never doubted we would


And my ugliness and devastated wastelands

would finally separate, vanish

So only my beauty, His love

Would be revealed

My soul


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