This obsession

She has

Is not even aware

Of how her very existence

Is being eaten away

By these glutinous thoughts

They’re constantly searching

One hits the next

They’re dominoes that never end

They’re so out of control

She may be consumed forever

All she can think of is how she is perceived

And no matter how much her heart knows the truth

Her brain and body don’t allow her

To live it out

She is stuck with a mind she

Both admires and abhors

In a body she is confounded by

In a world that often feels like ashes

Remnants of what was

A reminder of deadness

And that is seems God just wants us to

All get along together

With ashes as our party confetti


Because no matter how

Many truths she hears

It seems the ashes are bigger

And cover more ground

Blinding out the sun

She can never see through them

Some people say they can

But how can she be sure they’re not

Just acting?

Or living out of naivete

Blindness to reality?


~July 7, 2011


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