>My morning

>My head is spinning out of control. With so many ideas. As always. I can’t think of one thing to write about, so I will just start with my unusual morning. Well, not that unusual I guess. As a substitute, I am starting to learn the ropes. I have acquainted myself with some of the schools and districts so this morning, I knew that although the call I accepted said to be there at 7:30 I would shoot to be there around 7, since school starts at 7:55. How in the world would 20 minutes be enough time to get ready for teaching third grade?

So I got to this school at what felt like the middle of the night because of how dark it was. The first wierd thing was that there were hardly any cars there. I wonder why no one is here, I thought. As a Kindergarten teacher in inner city St. Paul last year, I would get to school sometimes at 6:30 (it was always a competition in my own mind to see if I could get there before my teaching partner who lived twice as far away…) and school didn’t start til 9:10!

Of course the side doors were locked so I walked around to the front and opened the doors to hear a blaring country station and a dark school office. Great, it was locked. I couldn’t check in, get the key to the classroom and begin planning my day. As often happens, my overachievement is purposeless. So I just sat outside that office. Pretty soon the teachers started coming but they looked rather casual with jeans on and none were carrying endless bags or suitcases like most elementary teachers. I’d been to this school before and don’t remember having to wait like this. Many people walked by me; some gave me a glance or a half smile. I knew I was early so I just politely waited another half hour until my head started pounding because of the ANNOYING radio (literally deafening!) Now it was fifteen minutes til school actually started (not that the kids came, that is). Finally I asked someone–a lady who’d walked by me three times now with not so much as an acknowledgment, “Do you know when the secretary will be coming?” She looked at her watch-not too rudely-“She is usually here by now…” and then offered a nervous laugh.

AFter a bathroom run (oh it was warm and the country music was muffled…I should have just stayed in there!) and a lot of wandering, more and more people came by. Every one I thought, as jangling keys got closer and closer, it must be the secretary. This is wierd. And rude. But I kept trying to have positive thoughts. I had waited 40 minutes.

Finally, a lady in purple who I’d seen pulling a paper shredder across the hallway and up the stairs, was now on her way back down the stairs with the shredder. Surely, she will notice that I’m still here (I’d first seen her around 7:10) and she did. She walked pulling the shredder along as if it was her little pet-kind of bent over-and looked up at me with a wrinkled nose. Yes, I am noticed! I thought. “Do you know who you’re waiting for?” I said, “Um, yes. For the office to be unlocked.” She looked at me with an even-more furrowed brow. I don’t think I looked too wierd. I had had my head in my hands so my hair was maybe a little ruffled. So I kept going. “So I can get a room key. I am a sub.” Okay, now she was staring at me as if I were other-worldly. “But…there’s no kids today.” She blurted quickly as if I should have known. “Oh…I was wondering…”

Anyway, it turns out there was no school. So I left, now with a splitting headache. Oh well. I still got paid for two hours! And now I am sitting at my home computer writing on here.

I have a lot on my mind. I was a little mad (mostly because the music annoyed me…I didn’t mind the driving and people-observing that much), but now I’m not. There are lot more important things I could be (and am) upset about-like the earthquake.


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