>Memory Jars

>I really enjoyed doing homemade gifts this year. I was so blessed in writing all these memories of my loved ones (three brothers, mom and dad) and creating a collage on the outside of a variety of jars. I also made tons of homemade cards and put them in sets for my girlfriends and sisters-in-law.

Dad got really teary

Greg reading some memories

Nate looking at his jar, and Kat with her homemade cards

Sarah Jane and her homemade cards



  1. Becca · December 30, 2009

    >adorable gift idea Brit! and i love my cards as well! homemade gifts are just awesome! 🙂

  2. Matt Grudzielanek · January 9, 2010

    >Great job! What a wonderful gift idea! If it was a gift I would have received, it would have been the best gift of the year–so much love and dedication poured into the jars–I hope the recipients enjoyed them to their fullest! (Caught up on the rest of your blogs for 2010–sounds like you have some things going on–prayers to you from me in faith that you will conquer the challenges posed for you!)

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