>I am sitting here at 5:50 on a chilly October morning waiting for the phone to ring to offer me a subbing job. I am getting the hang of this subbing thing. I usually obsessively check by calling the three numbers, the Kelly Staffing number which offers me the best hope since there are about 5 school districts I could get a job with. Then there are two other school districts, which I am independently a sub for but so far have not subbed as no jobs are ever available. It’s literally a meat market. If I ever miss a phone call, I pretty much don’t get the job as it is already taken; hence my obsessive calling. But if I don’t end up working today that’s okay since I worked 24 hours over the weekend!

I have really enjoyed substitute teaching. I have gotten a feel for what it might be like to teach high school for example. As a counselor at one high school put it high schoolers are just “big little kids.” And they are. But not really. They can do a whole lot more than Kindergartners, so that’s why when I am really tired I prefer subbing for high school (11th or 12th) because they are so self-directed. But then again it could get boring so that’s why Elementary is always good to switch things up.

My most amazing experience came last week when I somehow got ahold of a 2-day job at a nearby elementary school. I was able to sub for the same first grade class for 2 days and had an amazing time! The main reason it was awesome is because the staff were so encouraging, helpful and kind. It is a K-2 school with about 8 sections of each grade, so still a pretty large elementary school! Anyway, the teacher’s plans were quite detailed (always an amazing plus!) and the kids were quite well-behaved, according to me who is used to yelling, screaming, throwing chairs and tables, and physical fights (this was Kinder in inner city St. Paul). But anyway, all you have to do is say “Give me 5” and the entire class of 24 first graders will put their hands up and be totally quiet. It’s amazing. Of course, they were a little crazy because they are 6 and 7-years-old so I used some songs and games I knew, and overall had everything under control. Mostly it was FUN and I had energy to enjoy myself!

The thing is, tons of staff complimented me on how good of a sub I was, and I felt like I hardly did anything…Anyway more on that later. This is too long! Well, maybe I will have a day off today!



  1. Matt Grudzielanek · October 13, 2009

    >Very cool. I'm glad the subbing job has worked out well, like you said, a nice "preview" of teaching in high school, as well as a variety of school districts too. I'm also happy that you can feel the fact that you are a great teacher, exemplified by the compliments. When your gifts are utilized, it does sometimes feel like you've not done anything–but in reality, you did; I've had similar experiences with using the gifts I've been given. I pray for continued success in this area of your life.

  2. Becca · October 21, 2009

    >I really enjoyed substituting as a paraprofessional. It was so neat to see the different school environments and experience the various age groups. Hope you can get more jobs as time goes on. Its such a flexible job, too!

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